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40 SFX Sport Fish Express

To all of you who love sport fishing Brooks Boatworks is delighted to introduce our all new sport fishing yacht: the New Brooks 40 SFX. Final design work on this superb craft has just been completed and we are ready to begin limited production. You can be among the first to own this exciting sport fishing yacht. The New Brooks 40 SFX offers more to both hardcore and family fishermen than anything else available on the market today. Consider all of these advantages.

First, the New Brooks 40 SFX sport fishing yacht is built using the most modern techniques in the boat building industry. With these techniques, we are able to build a yacht that is lighter and stronger than all of our competition. And -- because the yacht is lighter overall -- it doesn’t require large, fuel thirsty engines to move it through the water at the speeds demanded by today’s sport fishermen.

A stronger, lighter yacht with less weight from build techniques and smaller engines yields an exponential gain in efficiency. As an owner, you save money in three important ways: 1) acquisition cost is substantially reduced, 2) the operating cost is much lower than our competition and, 3) maintenance cost is reduced because the engines do not have to work as hard.

Another major advantage of the New Brooks 40 SFX is the efficiency of the running surface. Our running surfaces are safe. They are more comfortable in all sea conditions as compared to our competition. Our hulls offer a quick, predictable response, and a short turning radius. These attributes combine for a safe enjoyable experience on the water.

Best of all the Brooks 40 SFX offers sexy sweeping custom lines. We have carefully crafted the design of our tooling and our custom molds to achieve the style and look of the New Brooks 40 SFX – sleek, fast, stable and up to any challenge.

With your new Brooks 40 SFX you will be the envy of every fisherman at the dock.

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