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About Our Services

Brooks Boatworks fabricates and manufactures fiberglass parts, plugs (patterns), tools, and molds for all phases of commercial industry but mainly for the marine industry. Our primary focuses are on producing fine tooling for boat manufacturers, manufacturing limited production fiberglass parts for boat manufacturers and producing custom sports fishing yachts.

  • Tooling:
    We have been building tooling for the most discerning boat manufacturers for 20 years. Our tooling is made with the utmost in care with the attention to detail being a main priority. We can help design tooling for the most complicated parts. Many think design of a product is limited by the tooling. We think the complexity of tooling is only limited by imagination.

  • Limited Production:
    We offer limited production parts in conjunction with our tooling department. We offer hull, deck, liner, and small parts, all packaged together and shipped as a kit to the assembler. We offer limited production of abstract items requiring a one time production such as items needed for special projects and construction.

  • Custom Yachts:
    We build custom sports fishing yachts for the recreational offshore fisherman. The sizes range from 30-60 feet in length. These yachts are hand fabricated using the latest technology known to this industry. They are known in this industry as one-offs or cold molded. Each yacht is custom tailored to the specific need or desire of its owner. Our technique differs from the traditional methods. We use high tech core materials and a technique referred to as infusion for the deployment of resin into the laminate. Call for more details.rooks Boatworks builds boats in the Carolina Custom Tradition, one at a time. The work is performed by a small select group of skilled craftsmen well versed in one-off and composite boat construction. Construction material of our boats may vary due to customer specifications. Regardless of the material used for construction, the quality of craftsmanship will remain the highest in the industry. These boats will stand up to the rigors of constant use in the infamous waters off the North Carolina coast. Their beauty and integrity will last for years to come.
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