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The Story of Brooks Boatworks

About the Builder, Roger Brooks...

Born in eastern North Carolina, I was raised on and around the water in eastern Beaufort County just off the Pamlico River. My passion for boats developed early in life while spending time around the small canal my grandfather dredged out to moor his shrimp trawler. Some of my fondest memories are of that time and place, and watching my grandfather and uncle mend the nets on the trawler, and watching my Great uncle baiting a trot line down on the banks of that same canal. From that time on, I have always wanted to be associated with boats.

Early in my career, I started learning the trades necessary to build fine boats. After gaining carpentry experience, I worked for a small company that built small sport fishing boats (Sea Ox). There I learned how to build prototype units and plugs that were built for the purpose of producing molds. These molds would then be used for manufacturing the end product. From there I started working for a large boat manufacturer in Florida (Sea Ray Boats) where I worked on the production line. I was able learn a lot about proper production line setup and flow. After getting homesick for the life I had left behind, I returned home and worked with a large boat manufacturer (Fountain Powerboats) near my home in Bath NC. While employed there I was responsible for the Tooling and Research and Development Department. We built prototype and R&D vessels for testing performances of new running surface designs. After the running surfaces were perfected, I completed the boat as a plug and produced new molds. The molds were put into production. Then I would start the next test project on the agenda. I also built high speed race boats using aerospace materials and techniques along with epoxy resins and other modern boat building materials and techniques. Next, I worked for a reputable sport fishing manufacturer (Albemarle Boats) where I handled engineering and R&D duties.

This experience has given me the necessary knowledge to be able to produce some of the finest boats built on the eastern coast of the US. The boats are built with some of the latest technology in boat building. This provides our customers with light, strong, efficient boats that will last for years to come.

Brooks Boatworks was established in the fall of 2000 and later incorporated in Dec. 2004. During this time Brooks has been building fine tooling and semi custom boats for some very discerning customers. Brooks Boatworks has just completed a new fiberglass fabrication facility. With 23,000 square feet and 26’ ceilings, we have the necessary components to create quality units. Our employees are skilled and comfortable in our new facility and our products show it.


Some of our recent customers are:

  • Jarrett Bay Yachts, we produce the Jarrett Bay 32 Semi custom for Jarrett Bay.

  • Eastport Yachts, we produce the Eastport 32, a luxury day cruiser styled after the Chesapeake Deadrise fishing boat.

  • Impulse Yachts, we produce all the fiberglass components to construct the Impulse 34 yacht.

  • Tiara Yachts, various molds

  • Hatteras Yachts, various one off pieces for custom applications

  • Custom Boat Builders such as Blackwell Boats, Carolina Yachts, We produce custom one off hardtop and tower units.
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